16 February 2019

The Center and the National Coalition Party are willing to donate our tax money to the EU

European Stability Mechamism ESM founded in summer 2012 is part of the EU strategy designed to safeguard financial stability in the euro area. It is based on an idea that financial support will be given to member countries experiencing or threatened by financing difficulties.

ESM brought back memories from the era, when Greece was in acute crisis and also Finnish taxpayers money was dispersed to Greeks with no sorrow. Recently we were told that the main parties of our government - the National Coalition Party and the Center Party - are willing to outsource the use of this money to the qualified majority of EU countries. In other words, to give away even our theoretical possibility to control the use of Finnish taxpayers money.

I wrote (in Finnish) about this topic already in year 2011, when ESM was only under planning. I noted then that such a decision would be against the constitutional law of Finland, as the constitutional Law committee of the parliament had announced. This should be taken seriously also by the current politicians in the National coalition party and the Center party.

In practice this means the leaders of these two parties, Petteri Orpo and Juha Sipilä, will need support from two thirds of the members of the parliament to get their view accepted. Therefore it is important that the citizens of Finland will be awake during the elections of the parliaments of Finland and the European Union next spring: a vote to an incorrect party would give an open mandate to EU for the use of our common wallet - including cases which are against our own will.

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