27 August 2022

The beautiful PM of Finland has driven herself into a trouble

The beautiful Prime Minister of Finland - Sanna Marin - seems to have a problem in controlling her behavior during her free time. The list supporting this conclusion has grown quickly.

The first suspicious occasion was in May 2021, when the PM was found out to use tax-free meal benefit during her normal life at home. She had to pay her taxes afterwards.

In October 2021 Sanna Marin was celebrating in her official residency with some of her friends after an event with people in the music business. Afterwards it turned out that there had not been proper discussions - based on the agenda - even during the official part, but the focus was rather in drinking and community singing. 

The third case was in December 2021, when she was seen celebrating in a night club although she had been exposed to coronavirus. And even worse, she did not carry with her the governmental emergency telephone, which should follow her everywhere for the case of urgent need to get PM contacted. She was called twice during the evening...

The fourth case could also be interpreted as a positive thing, unless other cases would not prove otherwise. Namely, in June 2022 Marin was shown in television behaving notably wildly during an ice hockey game with a glass of wine in her hand. 

The last case was a set of videos, where Marin was dancing wildly and was obviously strongly intoxicated. However, the PM of Finland should be 24 hours a day capable of making decisions in surprising situations. According to the video collection she hardly was... 

The behavior of the PM have raised many questions. They all can be summarized with a simple question: is she capable to act as a PM of Finland or rather a safety risk to the nation she has been selected to lead?

Finland will have an election of the Parliament next spring. The cases listed above will probably be forgotten by then - provided that further cases will not appear. And I believe that PM will not leave her position voluntarily before that. 

However, the first impression on the effect of the latest misbehavior of the PM - that seems to be more serious than previously - will be obtained when new polls measuring popularity of political parties appear. That is, pretty soon.

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26 August 2022

Increase of violence by youngsters in Finnish towns

Migration from Iraq and Somalia (notably, not so much from Syria) to Finland in 2015 has resulted in a considerable loss of safety. After that, the number of sexual assaults and cases of youth violence have increased considerably. 

Police announced today that the number of violent assaults by youngsters - or children - under 15 years of age have exploded in two biggest towns of the southwestern part of the country, Turku and Pori. The development has not been as fast in other big towns, but the direction is the same. 

This all means that we are following the tracks of Sweden, where immigrant-derived gangs are forming their own rules, and even police has difficulties in entering into some hoods inhabited by people of non-Swedish inheritance. In Finland no such suburb exist, but some areas can already be seen to follow the tracks.  

Therefore it is the last moment for the government and other decision makers to stop the dangerous development, although right now that cannot be expected due to the Marin cabinet composed mostly of green and leftist parties. However there will be elections for the parliament next spring, where citizens can make their choices. 

Immigration policy should be among the central topics to be discussed during the campaigns although the immigrant numbers from developing countries are currently low. If so, the conversation must be detailed enough to make a distinction between recent - highly welcome - immigrants from Ukraine and trouble makers.

20 August 2022

Tradition of low professional ability among Russian security agency and dictators

According to the Washington Post, the Russian Federal Security Service misinformed Vladimir Putin prior to his decision to attack Ukraine. According to its poor evaluation, the war would be over in a very short time. 

To us in Finland, there was nothing new. It was the security service of Soviet Union that informed dictator Josif Stalin in 1939, that Russian army would be able to march to Helsinki - the capitol of Finland - in just few weeks. Based on that Stalin ordered his army to conquer Finland. As a result, they lost 126 875–167 976 soldiers as dead or missing as well as 188 671–207 538 as wounded or sick and 5 572 as captured. And as a result, the Russian attack in 1939 pushed Finland to join the German invasion to Russia in 1941.

So its seems that Russian security agencies have a tradition of exceptionally poor professional skills and their dictators poor understanding on the willingness of their neighboring nations to defend themselves. Surprisingly, dictator Putin had not even learned his lesson from 1939. I would call this utter stupidity.

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13 August 2022

Scientific misconduct on prevailing theories is too attractive

University of Delaware (UD) found one of its scientists guilty of research misconduct. She has committed fabrication and falsification in work on fish behavior and coral reefs. The university is going to retract three of her research papers, including one in the Science magazine, one of the leading scientific journals of the world.

The retracted papers reported worrisome results how Earth’s rising carbon dioxide levels would have dramatic effects on fish behavior and ecology. In other words, the results strongly supported the current fears of extremely harmful outcome of the climatic warming. 

It should be understood that - after this case - the scientific community should conduct a serious introspection about its practices. In this process a special attention should be put on the critical assessment on the results supporting the prevailing theories of each time. 

The scientific picture on each topic consists of theories from which testable hypotheses are derived. In this structure the most important feature is that even a single falsifying result may prove the hypothesis wrong - and as a consequence, also the theory behind that. 

However, when talking about prevailing and politically important theories - such as the global change - it is easy to note leading journals to eagerly publish reports that support such theories. Thus, for a dishonest researcher the most attractive way to advance her career is to report fictitious but worrisome reports on observations on the effects of the climatic change. Exactly that seems to have happened with the current case mentioned above.

Therefore I propose that manuscripts reporting highly expected - but dramatic - results on the most popular scientific theory of each time are considered with a special suspicion in both the review process as well as in editorial decisions. After all, as I noted above, they are not important for the scientific process compared to falsifying reports. 

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8 August 2022

Military service to overthrow Mr. Putin

The Finnish Ministry of Defense has decided to send soldiers to UK to educate Ukrainian troops. The purpose is to provide similar military training as is given in Finnish military service. 

This action is part of a British attempt to educate a total of 10 000 Ukrainian soldiers. Other countries participating are at least Sweden, Canada and Netherlands. 

This is kind of action where Finnish military can be useful for Ukrainians. That is because all Finns are reaching during their obligatory military service a level that was described after a common military exercise by a US Colonel with words "in my opinion, they are professionals as soldiers". He even mentioned that professional US soldiers had learned a lot from Finns during the training - although learning happened naturally also the other way around. 

My hope is that whatever Ukrainian soldiers learn in their training, that would help them pushing Russian troops over the border between the two Slavonic countries. And ultimately cause in Russia a revolution that would end the era of the current criminal regime led by Mr. Putin.

6 August 2022

Most useless organisations of our time

Amnesty International has claimed that Ukrainian fighting tactics endanger civilians by setting up military bases set up in residential areas including schools and hospitals and launching attacks from populated civilian areas. That strongly supports Russian aggression against its neighbor.

The Amnesty´s claim is intellectually dishonest and shows how loosely the organisation is connected to the real world. That was also noticed by its Ukrainian sub-organisation, which decided to resign from the report. After all, Ukrainians are using empty buildings - that hardly endangers anybody´s safety.  

The United Nations has not been able to stop the Russian attack. Instead, the veto-right of Russia has halted all decision making in the organisation. Therefore it is clear, that solution to the crisis can only be based on other solutions. That is, military force.

After all this, the ultimate destiny of the UN may be similar to the League of Nations, which was replaced by the UN after not being able to prevent the second world war. The main problem with UN was that great powers - like Soviet Union in 1940´s - always refuse to make agreements that may turn against them, and therefore included the veto-right to the greatest powers of the time. 

Taken together, right now it looks like Amnesty International and United Nations would be two of the most useless organisations of our time.

4 August 2022

The reasons behind the fall of Nokia´s cellphone business

The main newspaper in Finland - Helsingin sanomat - wrote about a new study on Nokia company, which was made at the University of Oulu. It reported that Nokia´s cellphone business failed because of moving its production from a long-time collaboration company Elcoteq to East Asia. 

That resulted in considerable problems including a loss of quality, which led to a bankrupt of Elcoteq and loss of most European ICT jobs. Also, the close collaboration of the Nokia and its subcontactors ended as company´s relationship with Elcoteq had been highly open and mutual. 

The rules in East Asia were completely different, and Nokia never learned them well enough.

* * *

I have had many friends who have worked in Nokia company, and according to their views the company had an even bigger problem. That was its practice to provide each R&D project to two different R&D units. 

It worked nicely during the rise of the cellphone company, as competition accelerated innovation. However, later the competition between groups became more and more negative - each group trying to decelerate competitors efforts instead of speeding up their own. And that led to extremely negative atmosphere among the R&D units. 

Furthermore, Nokia did not only try to make cellphones as cheaply as possibly - that is why the subcontracting was moved to East Asia - but also R&D. Thus, its leaders did not understood that the engineers are not freely convertible. And definitely, the engineers behind the rise of the company were not mainstream of their profession but an exceptional source of innovation and passion not cheaply available anywhere. 

Thus, the R&D of Nokia halted - compared to its competitors, especially Apple - and even worse, the leaders of Nokia did not believe in phones with touchscreens even though they had been offered such a phone already in 2003 - well before Apple had its own. 

Thus, the end of Nokia cellphones was a story of misunderstandings, detrimental leadership and arrogance. Today, the company is again in rise - although not in mobile phone business - and hopefully has learned from its past failures. At least, more of its R&D is today in Europe and it is even making decent profits to its owners.

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