24 June 2022

Did police have the right to strip women

In Finland an interesting case has been taken to the court. Police are accused of stripping women of their hijabs. The stripped women were in Finland illegally, as no need for an asylum was shown, but they had refused to leave the country. 

Thus far it has been clear that police has right to ensure the identity of any person in the country. Now the case - taken to the court not by the women themselves but by the office of the prosecutor general -  questions this practice.

If the court decides the case for the women, it will open doors to many tedious visions. After such an outcome anyone could wear a religious clothing to remain unidentified, irrespective if they are illegally in the country or if they are suspected for a crime. And of course, they could participate demonstrations anonymously, although according to law that should not be allowed due to the possibility of a kind of misbehavior that has been seen previously

The question arising here is the motivation of the office of the prosecutor general? Is his aim to complicate the work of police in the country? Or does he want to have a prejudice - to loose his case - for the future needs to help the police? 

That we do not know, but it is very clear that the number of serious crimes has increased in the country since the international migration wave in 2015 although the numbers are still low compared to previous decades. I hope, that after this court case, its outcome will help to reduce the crime rate in future.  

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