14 December 2019

Are we going to allow ISIS women to ride on their children?

The behavior of the Finnish government and Minister Pekka Haavisto's (Green party) has shown that Islamist women and children in the Al-Hol camp are not a trivial issue. The problem, according to a major Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat (HS), is "whether the safety of Finns is more important than the rights of the child".

With regard to security, the situation is quite clear, as there are already hundreds of people in Finland who have terrorist affiliations. Al-Hol's ISIS women and children are associated with this, according to Security Police estimates, as follows: "women who are likely to return from the area are likely to continue their terrorist activities, network with each other and reintegrate into domestic jihadist networks."

However, the question is not as straightforward as HS in its characterization implies, but it must be accompanied by an assessment of whether the terrorist woman's willingness to ride with her children to continue their jihadist activities in Finland outweighs children's rights or the safety of Finns. That is because the curds do not allow children to leave the camp alone against the will of the mother.

The situation is comparable to that of Finnish war children during 1939-1944. After all, Finnish families prioritized the safety of their children and sent them to the western neighbor by their own will in an emergency that threatened the country. In contrast, terrorist women in Al-Hol refuse to send their own descendants - often teenagers - to safety, even in inhumane conditions, unless allowed to follow them.

Therefore, the Finnish government also needs to consider how it views terrorist women's lack of responsibility on the safety of their own children. So, are we accepting the ISIS women's blackmail over their children's rights? And at the same time are we going to forget the security of our own society?

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30 November 2019

It takes heroes to avoid genocide

It was exactly 80 years ago, when a state with over 180 million inhabitants and expansive socialist ideology, attacked its democratic northwestern neighbor of 3.7 million people without declaring war and by bombing civilians. Colonel Antero Svensson reported on this aggression to military headquarters by requesting Military Marshal Mannerheim or Lieutenant Colonel Valo Nihtilä on the phone.

However, these high military leaders were not available, so Svensson gave information to the reserve lieutenant, Torsti Juhavaara, who was on duty. This was the beginning of a chain of events that made the entire world admire the Finns, and which perhaps more than any other single thing still unites us as a nation.

The opening tones of the attack were given in an agreement between the Soviet Union Vyacheslav Molotov and the German Joachim von Ribbentrop, in which the communist power was given free rein over Finland by the Hitler´s regime. And a few days earlier in Mainila, where the Russians staged an attack on themselves.

During the war, Finland succeeded in maintaining its independence and society. In order to achieve this goal over the aggression by the overwhelming enemy, the small nation needed actions, whose executors became national heroes.

These heroes include, for example, Hjalmar Siilasvuo, Lieutenant General, whose small fighting forces destroyed two Soviet divisions in Suomussalmi,  Simo Häyhä, who shot hundreds of Russian soldiers and became the world's most successful sniper ever, fighter pilot Jorma Sarvanto who destroyed six Russian bombers in five minutes, an achievement considered to be the "five-minute world record of fighter pilots" or - as the greatest of them all - Marshal Mannerheim, who successfully led the war despite the desperate difference between the military power of the two armies.

The stake of this war was - no more or no less - a genocide of Finns or its avoidance, as historian Teemu Keskisarja has noted. Thanks to the heroes who were ordered to the front 80 years ago - more than 300 000 Finnish soldiers in addition to those mentioned above - and also the women and children at home who made it possible for the army to fight for freedom, and the foreign volunteers who participated in the war with our own troops, we maintained an independent Finnish nation and its way of life

Without that heroism, we would not have a red professor today who ordered his students to remove Mannerheim's picture from the wall. Nor would we have a standard of living that enables the present state of welfare and at the same time attracts people from developing countries to seek a higher standard of living in our country.

But maybe after the fall of communism in the neighboring country 28 years ago, we would have a new independence and with it a healthy sense of nationality and faith in the future, like our southern neighbors in the Baltic countries who, 80 years ago, surrendered without resistance to the supremacy of the communist superpower.Or at least a government that would not include the ideological descendants of the aggressive socialism of threatening our existence in late 1930´s.

With these words, I wish my dear readers a happy 80th anniversary of the start of the Winter War between Finland and Soviet Union in 1939-1940.

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16 November 2019

Minister Maria Ohisalo panicked

Finland was found guilty by the European Court of Human Rights, because an Iraqi asylum seeker returned voluntarily back to Iraq after a negative decision, and got killed there. That drove the Interior minister of Finland, Maria Ohisalo (greens), to panic, and she promised to increase further money to asylum business, although she understood, that the Iraqi had returned voluntarily.

Naturally it is a pity and unfortunate that the Iraqi got dead. And it is true, that he would not have died if he had been given an refugee status. But it also is untenable that the court decision indicates us Finns to have eternal responsibility on everyone who has asked asylum from us even if we did not find basis for a refugee position.

Actually, it is logically clear, that the only way be sure that none of the asylum seekers (on which we are eternally responsible) will not get dead in their home countries is to give a refugee position to them all. That is because all humans make mistakes sometimes - including those who make decisions on asylum seekers.

Unfortunately it is equally clear that in Finland - or anywhere in Europe - it is not possible to give refugee position and life-lasting economic support to all asylum seekers. That is because of negative reactions of ethnic Finns, due to economic reasons and since the attraction among poor people in developing countries that would results from such a decision. That is why we need other types of solutions.

One option would be to establish asylum camps to all those who do not deserve a refugee status, although that would not solve the problem of those returning to their home countries voluntarily. However, it would remove the responsibility from ethnic Finns as no pressure to leave the country would be put on anyone.

That is why I propose our Interior minister Ohisalo, that instead of her expensive and poorly working ideas she would be active in establishing an asylum camp, where all asylum seekers lacking an acknowledged need for a refugee status could live and obtain minimum requirements for living by working. The results of that work could be used to cover part of the costs by e.g. selling subcontracting services to the Finnish Industry.

Because only people who are in Finland illegally (i.e. without residence permit) would be placed in asylum camps, they should be kept out of touch from the ordinary people. The best solution would be to rent the place from e.g. Russia, but if that is not possible, also remote areas in Finland would do. In any case, the camp should be surrounded by fences and be controlled by guards. The latter would also provide working possibilities as guards for people living in the area.

Anyone in the asylum camp should have a right to leave, but only out of the country. That should be controlled so, that no misuse of this option would occur. In the worst case, all asylum seekers leaving could be accompanied by a police to the plane.

Establishing such an asylum camp would naturally be expensive - easily more than ten million euros. It should be noted, however, that even such a big sums would be cheaper than the costs due to illegally residing (and growing) group of people, which is prone to crime and violence.

In time, the savings would be even bigger, as such asylum camps would reduce the number of people who are seeking higher status of living via seeking for a refugee status. There the scale is vast taken that the annual costs of humanitarian immigration in Finland exceed annually three billion euros.

Based on this, I put my hope on minister Ohisalo, that she would recognize asylum camps as highly producing investments. Therefore the only thing she needs is courage to make a decision to solve the problem of eternal responsibility of asylum seekers. And to start building asylum camps as soon as possible.

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6 April 2019


My aim was to translate some of my thoughts to English for international audience. It seems, however, that I have not enough time and energy to do so. Therefore, I will keep these pages open, but I am not going to add new thoughts regularly.

The original Professor´s thoughts can be found here, and may be translated to English or other languages. Unfortunately, Google translator is not at its best when translating from Finnish to Indo-European languages. The reason for this is obviously the distant relationship between Fenno-Uralic and Indo-European languages.

16 March 2019

NZ case shows that all terrorists are not Muslims

The most destructive terrorist action in Nordic countries was done by an ethnic Norwegian named Anders Breivik. That was directed to other ethnic Norwegians, although also people with immigrant background may have been among the victims. Otherwise terrorism in Nordic countries - as elsewhere - has been conducted mainly by Muslims.

A novel exception to this main rule was made by an Australian representative with ideas of white superiority, who made terrorist attacks to mosques in New Zealand. This shows that all terrorists are not Muslims, although Islam was involved also in New Zealand - this time in the role of a victim.

It remains to be seen what kind of political discussion evolve from the New Zealand case. The case of Breivik in Norway led to a intellectually dishonest media storm in Finland in which even claims for the role a Finnish political party behind the terror attack appeared.

I hope similar absurdity will be avoided this time even though in Finland we will have elections of parliament in two months. Instead, I would like to see serious consideration on the importance of a legal route to unravel peoples dissatisfaction on prevailing societal development and clear political - democratic - routes to affect it.

It is also important to notice that Finland does not need a new case of terrorism, not by ethnic Finns or anyone else. It is more than enough that we had a case of knifing in Turku, which underlined the problems associated with Islamic immigration. 

This is now more important than ever before as our immigrant population is growing quickly. It was predicted that  by year 2035 e.g. in Helsinki region the number of immigrants will grow by 100 000 people. Thereafter the largest foreign languages will be those that are originally spoken in Near-East, North Africa and East Asia.

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The original thought in Finnish:
Kaikki terroristit eivät ole muslimeita

9 March 2019

They want to wipe out from Finland what is good for Africa

The chairman of the Finnish Social Democratic Party Antti Rinne would like to reduce forest cuttings in Finland, because he thinks that "we are cutting too much in relation to the carbon sink". Also the Green party would like to reduce cuttings in our forests during the next four years electoral term and even the Left Alliance is along the same lines.

At the same time, the Finnish Broadcasting company Yle made a very positive story on the thoughts of Andrew Collins who is the CEO of Miro Foresty, which is producing lumber and charcoal in West African countries Ghana and Sierra Leone. According to Yle he has said that professional forestry is the only solution in this situation in a similar way as agriculture is the only solution for food production. And also that we cannot cut natural forests forever, but we need to grow trees for the increasing demand.

Collins mentioned also that e.g. access to forest plantations is less demanding and therefore it is easier to organize their cuttings. Furthermore, the logs are of the same tree species and therefore their economic use is easier.

The views of Collins are based on the loss of African forests due to the uncontrollable population growth of people. That is, the increasing cuttings of natural forests for the economic and domestic use of growing human population.

After reading the story I was left in thinking about the intellectual honesty of the green-leftist´s ideology. If forests in Finland should be removed from the economic use, then why in the world it would be desirable to increase economic forests in Africa? Is it enough that in Africa there is plenty of former forest land that has been taken to agricultural and other use, and that reforesting would make them a carbon sink for a couple of decades. Or actually less than a decade if fast growing eucalyptus would be planted.

Furthermore, I was left in waiting some of our politicians to notice that in Finland we have forests only because they have produced income to their owners. That is the very reason why forest owners have invested in their forests, which is why the forest growth in Finland (and thus their carbon sink) has increased continuously since 1960´s.

Could it be so that green-reddish people assume those investments to continue if owners will not get any income from their properties? Or do they think that there would really be enough of taxpayers money to pay for all Finnish forest owners for their forest protection at the same time when the reducing amount of wood usage in industry reduces the total yield of taxes?

For those who are not aware, I may tell that it is annually a question of billions of euros when we consider forest owners profits for their lumber and profits of wood processing companies. And even more, if we consider the disappearing jobs from forestry sector, that would increase unemployment and thus further reduce the amount of public capital.

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24 February 2019

The arrival of caliphate citizens must be prevented

The era of ISIS is ending in Syria, and now it is time to ensure that the arrival of caliphate citizens to Finland should be prevented. For that purpose, there is a precedent from UK, where nationality was revoked from a woman known as ISIS bride - although it is probable that this decision must be confirmed in court.

Today I also became aware of a case that should be taken as a warning by the Finnish politicians and layers. Namely, a former neo-Swedish ISIS-fighter had participated in a payback murder in our western neighbor, and was still so confused that he considered himself a hero worth of a medal.

Considering these (and many other) cases I believe that any sensible human being understands that the head of all members of an organization like ISIS have their heads so fully confused that their behavior is not regulated by normal code of behavior. Or at least not one that would be acceptable in Western countries.

Therefore it should be clear that our politicians and juridical experts should understand that we do not need any caliphate citizens in Finland. And least of them walking freely among normal people.

As this has hopefully become clear also to our prime minister and members of the government and parliament, they should understand that the most important task before the elections in this spring would be to protect normal people from these ISIS veterans that have completely mixed their heads by religious fanaticism. There is not a single reason to feel pity for them, as they have made their decisions in order to destroy us and our culture.

For the same reason their right for the citizenship is not equal to normal people´s right for a safe living and environment. That must be understood in the juridical system, that will confirm the solutions made by the politicians.

The ordinary people, on the other hand, should understand that it is their own benefit, if they will vote for political parties that have not assisted the mass arrival of islamic economic refugees during the last few years. Especially, they should understand that voting a critical candidate in a migration positive party is not enough as their net effect - due to group discipline - would not differ from any other politician in the same party.

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The original thought in Finnish:
Kalifaatin kansalaisten pääsy suomalaisten pariin on estettävä

16 February 2019

The Center and the National Coalition Party are willing to donate our tax money to the EU

European Stability Mechamism ESM founded in summer 2012 is part of the EU strategy designed to safeguard financial stability in the euro area. It is based on an idea that financial support will be given to member countries experiencing or threatened by financing difficulties.

ESM brought back memories from the era, when Greece was in acute crisis and also Finnish taxpayers money was dispersed to Greeks with no sorrow. Recently we were told that the main parties of our government - the National Coalition Party and the Center Party - are willing to outsource the use of this money to the qualified majority of EU countries. In other words, to give away even our theoretical possibility to control the use of Finnish taxpayers money.

I wrote (in Finnish) about this topic already in year 2011, when ESM was only under planning. I noted then that such a decision would be against the constitutional law of Finland, as the constitutional Law committee of the parliament had announced. This should be taken seriously also by the current politicians in the National coalition party and the Center party.

In practice this means the leaders of these two parties, Petteri Orpo and Juha Sipilä, will need support from two thirds of the members of the parliament to get their view accepted. Therefore it is important that the citizens of Finland will be awake during the elections of the parliaments of Finland and the European Union next spring: a vote to an incorrect party would give an open mandate to EU for the use of our common wallet - including cases which are against our own will.

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The original thought in Finnish:
Keskusta ja Kokoomus lahjoittaisivat verorahamme EU:n käytettäväksi

10 February 2019

Reapplications for asylum are made to prolong seeker´s stay

Two women who make their living from refugee-related business - Marjaana Laine and Pia Lindfors - claimed that the renewals of asylum applications in Finland are due to problems in the process. In order to fix the problem, they demanded more juridical help for the applicants - and thus more money for themselves.

This comment was responded by the immigration office leader Esko Repo, who said in a politically correct way, that the most common reason for renewals is not problems in the process. Instead, most of the reapplications are made because the applicant has a new  justification for his application. Half of these new arguments relate to leaving islam or turning to christianity.

In the same response, Repo told that "approximately half of the asylum claims in 2018 were reapplications. 16 % of decisions made were positive and 32% negative." In other words, two applications of three were unfounded as based on the decisions.

My interpretation on this is that most of the applications are made simply to prolong the time of staying in Finland on taxpayers money. This option is made extremely attractive by the fact that the number of reapplications has not been restricted.

In other words, the Finnish taxpayers have been put under an obligation to cover the costs of asylum seekers without any limit; and that attracts them to make more and more applications. The same taxpayer´s money is also shared by people in the refugee-related business such a Laine and Lindfors. No wonder that they try to keep that option open with all possible excuses. Even with invented ones, as demonstrated by their claim cited in the beginning of this text.

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The original thought in Finnish:
Turvapaikanhakijoiden uusintahakemukset tehdään maassaolon pitkittämiseksi

3 February 2019

Arctic ice sheet does not support greenhouse gases as the cause of accelerating global warming

In the figure above I have marked the number of years after which a regression between the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere and the area of the Arctic ice sheet is statistically significant at a risk level of one percent (P<0.01) in two consecutive years. In X-axis I marked the year from which each analysis series started.

I used Mauna Loa statistics as the carbon dioxide estimate and the area of Arctic ice sheet as the proxy for the global  temperature in the month when it reaches its minimum size (September). The Arctic ice sheet is used because I have previously noted that estimates based on other types of measurements are under a continuous change, and therefore I do not trust them. However, the minimum area or the Arctic sheet correlates statistically significantly with those estimates.

Using one percent risk level instead of more common five percent was due to the fact that I made a total of 740 regression analyses for this analysis. Therefore using the common five percent risk level, I could have been expected almost 40 "significant" results by chance.

Actually, approximately seven incorrect "significance levels" could be expected also using one percent criterion. Therefore I decided to make calculations until I find significance in consecutive two years. The number of one year significance levels was very close to random expectations, that is five.

The theoretical framework of this analysis is the well known theory stating that the global warming is caused by increasing atmospheric greenhouse concentration (carbon dioxide being the most important), and that the warming is accelerating in time. From that theory it was possible to derive a testable hypothesis, saying that a statistical dependence between the two will be reached more and more quickly.

This means that if the hypothesis is correct, i.e. the climatic warming is caused by carbon dioxide concentration, the columns in the figure above should shorten from left to right. If not, the hypothesis becomes falsified and should be discarded.

It is clear that the left side of the figure (yeasts 1979-2001) is according to the hypothesis, and the columns are shortening from left to the right. Then something happens, and in year 2002 there is a jump higher. Actually, in statistics from 2002 and thereafter there are no consecutive two years with statistical significance. I have marked these columns with red color, and their shortening toward right is only because of the number of years available for the analysis. 

According to this analysis the theory of accelerating global warming due to greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide) should be falsified. It also suggests that the rise of greenhouse concentration in the atmosphere and global warming in 1979-2001 were only correlative and not in a causative relationship.

It remains to be seen how future statistical information affects this kind of analysis. After all, science does not have final truths, but it corrects itself whenever needed. According to this principle, I will continue similar analyses as this in the following years, and report in this blog. Stay tuned!

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The original though in Finnish:
Napajää ei tue yhteyttä globaalin lämpenemisen ja ilmakehän hiilidioksidipitoisuuden välillä

26 January 2019

Lessons from Venezuela

Venezuela is extremely rich in its natural resources, but now in chaos. The reason is the same that led to the collapse of Soviet Union and its empire few decades ago. That is: the contradiction between the human nature and planned economy - which leads to economic inefficiency, corruption and oppression of human rights.

Right now it is not known what will happen in the ongoing revolution in Venezuela. Its justification can, however, be evaluated from the list of countries, which have shown their support to parties.

The socialistic dictator Maduro has been supported by Mexico, Bolivia, China, Turkey and Russia, whereas the leader of revolution, Juan Guaidó, has been supported by the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Canada, Colombia, Panama, Paraguay and Peru.

However, something can be inferred about Venezuelans themselves, as even the leader of the revolution is slightly leftist. It shows to me, that Venezuelans have not understood the reason for their poor situation. I mean, the problem is not the current dictator, his personality or his greed of power. Instead, the problem is the basic nature of socialism, which is only implemented by Maduro - and if did not exist, someone else would do it.

But of course, the Venezuelans have a right to decide on their own future. We others can only understand the reasons for the problems in Venezuela, and vote according to this understanding in elections of our own countries.

This is especially important now, when the world is going towards a period of slower economic growth. And the outcome of a leftist government would be rugged also for us in Finland.

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The original thought in Finnish:

20 January 2019

Twitter account of an remarkable politician was locked

The Twitter account of the leader of the True Finns - a political party with ca. 10% support among Finnish voters - was locked. The leader, Dr. Jussi Halla-aho, noted that "when discussing about affecting the elections, it may not be necessary to search the threats from as far as Russia".

The reason for the locking is unknown, but there is no doubt that its purpose was to reduce the importance of social media in election campaigns. Thus, it was a trial to narrow freedom of political speech. And this happened in a situation, where the rape cases in Oulu and Helsinki had inevitably shown that Halla-aho and his supporters have been right on the harmfulness of the Finnish immigration policy - and the leaders of all other notable parties been naive and completely wrong.

I hope that the aim of the persons behind the locking of Halla-aho´s twitter accounts was not to block democracy. And I also hope, that the people entitled to vote understand, that narrowing Halla-aho´s freedom of speech confirms that the tragicomic outcomes of other politicians and authorities regarding the immigration policy are only propaganda motivated by the becoming parliamentary elections next April. And whose purpose is - for the reasons I do not understand - to continue our lack of readiness to prevent the next migration wave from developing countries. 

I mean, a migration wave which will come with certainty. That is because of the population explosion and its consequences in those societies. As well as the generous services provided by Finland even to those, who do not have a right to stay in our country.

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The original though in Finnish:
Halla-ahon Twitter-tilin sulkemisesta

12 January 2019

A set of immigration-derived sexual crimes in a Finnish town

In a town of Oulu, located in north-west coast of Finland, a number of humanitarian immigrant-related sexual abuses - including a true rape-ring - of kids between 10-15 years have occurred. One of the victims has also conducted a suicide months ago. This has led to a set of reactions, that I want to share with my reader.

The first cases were not opened to public by police or other authorities, nor even by mass media. Instead it was a private person, who published information about these crimes in the social media. Thereafter also politicians and media had to come out.

Police, however, did not tell the whole truth, but instead lied that it does not know about any suicides related to the topic. Two days ago, however, a minor media - PT-media - published its finding that there is no doubt about the suicide. Soon after, the police had to announce that one of the victims has died, indeed.

Very interestingly, the lie by police has not raised any discussion in Finland. Not by media, not by ministry of internal affairs, not by the juridical system or not by any of the politicians. To me, that is weird, and I am waiting with great curiousness whether anything appears.

The Oulu crimes have also caused unpleasant publicity in Hungary to the prime minister of Finland, Juha Sipilä (center party). There media published a claim that he would have said that "you do not need to be angry to immigrants although they sometimes rape one of two little girls". Well, he has never said exactly that, but his first reaction on this topic was to remind citizens that the crimes do not give anyone right for hate speech or violence against immigrants.

Even after several separate cases of sexual crimes against teenager girls in Oulu - a town with about 200 000 inhabitants - the leading Finnish politicians have no willingness to tighten the immigration policy of the country. Instead, they are willing to increase resources to police, look for possibilities to oversee the social media and to find easier ways to deport criminals after their crimes. But not to tighten the demand for immigration by humanitarian grounds.

After all this in Oulu, I am waiting with great interest what will happen in the elections of the Parliament four months from now. At least the most recent opinion poll showed that the popularity of True Finns - the only party willing to tighten the immigration policy - has increased among voters. However, even after this their share of voters is just above 10%, and is therefore not going to change anything in the immigration policy - unless further voters get convinced about their policy during the election campaigns that have just started.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see, if Oulu was a special case among Finnish towns, or whether similar rape-rings can also be found in other bigger urban areas enriched by immigration from islamic countries. Or - in the light of police actions due to the Oulu case - whether similar cases have already occurred, but been out of publicity.

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This writing was a combination of several original thougths in Finnish:
Uusi ulottuvuus totuuden jälkeiselle ajalle
Oulun tapahtumien poliittinen jälki on vahvempi kuin Turun terrori-iskun
Valehteliko poliisi virkavastuulla Oulun raiskaustapauksissa?
"Ei tarvitse olla vihainen maahanmuuttajille, vaikka he välillä raiskaavat yhden tai kaksi pikkutyttöä"

5 January 2019

Current status of mankind and its culture

Happy New Year to all my readers!

In the first morning of this year I opened my computer and looked for the news. And noticed that islam had once more reminded Britons about its presence in their society and that terrorism by car had arrived to Japan. Both phenomena are relatively new and tedious.

Also in Finland several small occasions had taken place. Small fights during the night, shooting to air by a legal weapon (hunting is popular here, so guns are common), banging a door with an ox and even a catfight at a street.

The truth is that the night of New Year rarely goes without some kind of fights in Finland. I hope that also this time everyone participating would regret, and be punished as the law says.

The cases in UK and Japan are more serious. In neither case the problem was not linked with alcohol as in the Finnish cases (not to say I accept that), but had a more serious roots. However, as I do not have details in those cases I will not comment more on them.

Instead, I will go back to the onset of our calendar. At that time the Roman emperors organized happenings, where the theme of amusement was violence and cruelty. The gladiators fighted against each other´s, and - if people so wished - murdered their contestant in front of thousands of eyes. To me that sounds like a shocking culture and I am happy that such behavior has been left behind in our western culture.

Or has it?

I ask because perhaps the best boxer ever, Floyd Mayweather, made a lot of money by beating a Japanese kickboxer who nobody though would have any chances against him. Despite that the fight was organized - and actually also another one earlier.

There is a small difference to the gladiators. The guys getting beated are motivated by money, whereas the early gladiators had no real choice. Although later there were also voluntary gladiators, who were also looking for money in largely the same way as Mayweather and his contestants from from the realm of kickboxing.

The biggest difference between the ancient and the modern gladiators I am discussing here is the fact, that in the Roman fights the aim was to have an exciting and even fight between the gladiators. And that the life of the loser might have ended. In contrast, the contestants of Mayweather did not even dream about winning the fight, and Mayweather himself probably did not want to hurt them badly - and definitely not to kill. Instead - the fight was organised just to have a big amusement show.

To me it is odd that someone was ready to pay huge amounts of money to organize such a show. And so many people were willing to see this "fight" although everyone know it was not more than one-sided assault based violence entertainment.I hope that the source of this interest was not a hope to see a murder-case like in the ancient gladiator shows.

After this long introduction, my question is : what does this all tell about the current status of mankind and its culture?

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The original though in Finnish:
Mitä väkivaltaviihde kertoo ihmiskunnan tilasta?