19 January 2023

Erdogan wants fighter jets, and uses Finland and Sweden to get them

Foreign minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu of Turkey is currently negotiating with his colleague of the United States, Anthony Blinken, about buying General Dynamics F-16 fighter jets to his air force. They have asked those already quite a while ago, but only now have got their chance.

The reason is that Finland and Sweden have asked to be accepted as members of the NATO. And that provided Turkey a chance to blackmail Joe Biden´s regime to accept the trade. 

That probably is also the reason why Turkey is setting impossible demands to Sweden for a positive response. That is, asking Sweden to even change its legislation in order to send Kurdish refugees to be sentenced to jail for issues that are not crimes in the Nordic countries.

* * *

In both Turkey and Finland people are waiting whether Americans will couple the fighter trade to President Erdogan´s approval of the applications of Finland and Sweden. And to help in such a way to increase our safety as neighbors of the aggressive Russia. 

While waiting for Turkish ratification I would like to point out to Turkey´s regime, that keeping Finland out for too long does not enhance positive attitudes of Finns towards the country. Actually, the reluctance seen thus far has already injured sympathy that prevailed between the people of the two nations just few years ago. 

Turkish behavior is also followed in other Western countries, and therefore the ruler of the Bosporous strait is now under a lot of pressure from other NATO members. A common expectation, however, is that Turkey would actually be ready to accept Finland and Sweden, but wants to get a reward for its graciousness. That is, modern fighters to be used in it own interest in Near East and elsewhere. 

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