23 May 2024

An immigrant who stands out from the average has been taken into custody

The Swedish society is notoriously in a state of rapid change. As a sign of this, a person can become the victim of a violent crime there for very small reasons.

I wrote about one such case in April, when a Swedish man was killed after responding to taunts from a youth gang. Yesterday, we received a bit more information about this case.

An Iraqi-born young man, who had arrived in the country as a child and soon after obtained Swedish citizenship, has been arrested in connection with the murder. Thus, he will remain a burden on the Swedish society for the rest of his life - unless he decides to move somewhere else, like Finland, for instance.

The news reporting the incident mentioned that the suspect comes from a broken home, where the mother changed partners as frequently as an environmentalist changes their salad ingredients. He himself was placed in the care of child welfare authorities at the age of 15, after having committed robberies, assaults, and drug offenses for two years. Additionally, he is suspected of having been involved in kidnapping and attempted murder.

Of course, this person is not the average Swedish immigrant, but nevertheless, according to statistics such cases appear more frequently among immigrants from Arab countries and Africa than among the native Nordic population. Thus, in Finland and many other European countries, we must ensure that our countries do not repeat the mistakes of our western neighbor and grow a problematic population under the guise of so-called human rights.

To clarify this matter to those who may have doubts, I am including a few links to videos that have been published on the messaging service X. I particularly recommend watching them to supporters of Swedish-style humanitarian immigration.

However, I warn you that the videos can provoke strong reactions and are not suitable for the sensitive.

The first, especially for male drivers.

The second, especially for young women.

The third, especially for recreational drug users.

The fourth, especially for those out in the city at night.

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