28 May 2024

Technically backward, miscellaneous group of gunmen

Russia's successful offensive, particularly in ammunition-strapped Ukraine, is now at a critical juncture after the Americans finally provided Ukraine with an aid package. Therefore, it is a good time to review what the Finns and others think about the situation.

According to a recent survey, the majority of Finns are willing to take on EU joint debt or even increase EU membership fees to support Ukraine. It seems that the descendants of the heroes of the Winter War remember very well the plight of a country left alone against a superpower and do not want history to repeat itself.

Belgium, on the other hand, has promised to supply Ukraine with 30 F-16 fighter jets. Thus, the nation crushed by the Nazis in 1940 is also offering its support to President Zelensky's army.

Ukraine has halted Russia's advance in the Kharkiv region, and Russian forces have turned to the defensive in the area. It remains to be seen whether they will succeed or lose the territory gained with the blood of their soldiers right away.

As a result of its aggression, Russia has lost over half a million soldiers, both dead and wounded, during the offensive war started two years ago. This number is large and exceeds the losses suffered by the Russians during the three months of the Winter War of 1939-40 by about one third.

The essential thing in all of this is that the Western countries do not allow Russia to benefit in any way from its aggression. Instead, it must be ensured that Vladimir Putin learns he does not lead a military superpower, but rather a technically backward, miscellaneous group of gunmen.

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