9 May 2024

The Finns rewarded a mass murder with 213,000 euros

European immigration policy occasionally leads to sequences of events that are too unbelievable to be accepted even as the script of the silliest tragicomedy. What does my esteemed reader think of the following?

In Finland, a few years ago, Iraqi brothers were suspected of a mass murder. However, the charges did not lead to a conviction.

Three and a half years later, one of the Iraqi men confessed the crime. This happened last August when the Iraqi man was arrested by the police while filming with his twin brother outside the Finnish Security Intelligence Service building in Helsinki.

Specifically, the Iraqi told a detective that he had killed 1,700 people at Camp Speicher in Iraq. This is evident in the police video. It was a mass murder carried out by the terrorist organization ISIS, for which the same Iraqi man and his twin brother were acquitted by a court of appeal decision in February 2020.

Unfortunately, Finland practices overly protective legal practices towards criminals. Therefore, convicting the Iraqi man after the court has made a ruling of acquittal would require more evidence than just a confession. So right now, it seems that the Iraqi man can continue his peaceful and unrestricted life and enjoy the €213,000 he received from Finnish taxpayers as compensation for being detained during the investigation of his actions.

The Iraqi man and his brother must be having a good laugh right now.

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