6 May 2024

Prediction: Sharia law in force in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and France by the year 2044.

This day felt cold after getting used to summer temperatures around May Day. But it's not cold only here.

I came to this conclusion after browsing through the social media account Visegrád 24. There was, for instance, a video where Anjem Chaudary, an Islamic "scholar" based in Britain, said that democracy will likely be replaced by Islamic Sharia law in the UK, Belgium, and France within 15-20 years. That is, by the year 2044.

In another video shared by Visegrád, a Canadian Muslim man boasted that Muslims will be the world's largest religious group by 2060. And he asked, will the interviewer oppose Sharia then?

The man justified his view by saying that Muslims have families and they have children unlike Canadians of European descent. Thus, Muslims in Canada may one day become the majority.

It's difficult to deny the viewpoints I've noted above - at least not entirely - as long as the demographic facts regarding the reproduction of these groups correspond to reality. And even less so when we consider that despite this, European countries allow - and even support - immigration from Islamic countries by maintaining incentives such as social security for asylum seekers.

No wonder, then, that a whopping 60 percent of Germans don't want more refugees in their country. And that 78 percent of them believe the country can no longer afford the costs of immigration. Additionally, almost as many fear conflicts between immigrants and ethnic Germans.

However, the majority of Finns still live in a rose-tinted world, and a clear majority support so-called humanitarian immigration. Though a narrow majority would like to restrict the social benefits offered to asylum seekers, and most would also like to be able to choose the country of origin for those coming here.

I feel there's no need to comment further on what I've written above. But I'll still add the comment from the President of Argentina that I found on social media regarding the actions of the Spanish Prime Minister: "Sánchez endangers women by allowing illegal immigration".

Yes, those lovely women. And why not men too?

They're setting up for themselves an interesting old age. This is because a whopping fifteen percent of Finnish men and women aged 20-45 stated in the 2022 family barometer that their ideal number of children is a round zero. This surely pleases "scholars" like the one quoted in the first video and implements the views of the Canadian Muslim in the second video also for Finland.

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