17 May 2024

The human rights of immigrant women are not important in Finland

An Iranian man who settled in Finland reminded that human rights belong to all people. He did this by assaulting his wife three to four times a month for two years.

According to the Finnish media company MTV3, this happened in the following way: he "hit his wife in the face with his hand and beat her with a charging cable and a belt on various parts of her body. Additionally, he kicked the woman and threw her against walls. Besides the assault, the man threatened to throw acid on his wife's face and kill her."

A disagreement over the placement of a carpet on the floor was enough reason for the assault. And with a poker face, the man explained the resulting injuries in the best possible light by acting as an interpreter for his non-language-speaking wife at the doctor's.

The case clearly highlights a problem in Finnish immigration policy. By this, I mean that the violence the Iranian man inflicted on his wife would have ended quickly if immigrants were required to participate in Finnish language and culture education in exchange for social security and other immigration services.

In the case in question, the woman, being proficient in the language, could have visited the doctor alone and reported the true cause of her injuries. Or, if the man had insisted on coming along, she could have spoken about it in his presence.

So, I eagerly await the moment when immigration, women's rights, and human rights activists will start demanding conditional social security for immigrants coming to Finland. Or is it that the violence faced by immigrant women doesn't really matter that much to them after all?

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